Pathways A "Tipping Point" To Achieving Better Health Services



High speed Internet connectivity provided by the Pathways project represents an important capacity for First Nations Health Centres across the province. The First Nations Health Council (FNHC) and its government partners are committed to establishing a First Nations Telehealth/eHealth Network that will eventually link all community based Health Centres in the province. This will provide the First Nations health sector with the type of robust and secure communications infrastructure that provincial Health Authorities currently use. The Pathways to Technology project plays an important supporting role in this undertaking. 

The FNHC views a First Nations Network as a critical enabling infrastructure that will support health system advancements in many areas in community health.  As information management and electronic charting becomes increasingly required and desired at the Health Centre level, the need for secure a communications network is quickly becoming a key capital requirement for First Nations health. With communities spread across such a large geographic area, many in very remote settings, this task requires the collaborative effort of multiple partners. 

"Bridging the barriers to service access by many of our remote communities is an important priority for us all,” said Pierre Leduc, First Nations Health Society Chair. "We are working towards a time when some of these geographic challenges can be reduced through clinical telehealth, where an increased number of consultations can be provided within the community and in the context of existing support systems.”  

The Pathways project is committed to continue helping advance this vision by providing the broadband connectivity that is integral to the success of a fully integrated First Nations clinical telehealth network in British Columbia.

Posted: May 18, 2011