Interactive Map Brings Pathways to Life



As the Pathways project continues to connect more First Nations communities across British Columbia, a new online map will help people understand the incredible scope of this unique project with just the click of a mouse.

With the help of Google Maps Service™ and the Province of British Columbia’s digital database, All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO) has developed an interactive map which demonstrates the geographical challenges the project team is facing in order to bring broadband connectivity to remote communities across the province.

"It’s a visual snapshot – a way to replace spreadsheets and numbers with a geographic picture that really demonstrates the magnitude of this venture,” said the Pathways to Technology technical advisor and analyst Bob Duggan.

"Nowadays, many websites are displaying an interactive map which helps people find information like addresses, contact information, ratings and even driving directions. We have taken that same premise and applied it to the Pathways project.”

Visitors to the Interactive Map page can not only see the connectivity status of the Province on a single map, but they will also be able to easily take the controls, moving and focusing into specific areas and communities including by Health Authority. The markers on the map are displayed in four colors to distinguish between four major connectivity conditions for each community: Not connected with a Health Center, Not connected, Connected with a Health Center; and Connected.

By zooming in on a particular region of the map, people can also access satellite imagery of the area and begin to appreciate the diverse landscapes and environments found across British Columbia. Clicking on a specific First Nations community location will display more information including Community Name, First Nation Name, Band Number, and current Connectivity Status.

As the Pathways project connects other First Nations communities to the power of broadband Internet, the interactive map will also be updated to provide the latest status for every region in the province.

Now people interested in the Pathways project can watch the web of connectivity grow and spread throughout the province as this important initiative progresses towards its goal of ensuring all 203 First Nations in BC have access to reliable high-speed Internet service.

Posted: February 15, 2012