Project Lifecycle

  1. 1. Identify Communities in Need
    • First Nation communities with limited or no internet access are the first priority for broadband upgrades. 
    • To plan the project’s roll-out across the province, Pathways to Technology started with the independent analysis of the Fully Integrated Technologies (FIT) Partners Working Group, a wide cross-section of First Nations and government technology, health, education and cultural groups. Pathways then overlaid the FIT plan with other criteria such as community-readiness and a number of technical factors.
  2. 2. Community Engagement
    • The Pathways team works closely with each participating First Nation through every step of the project’s life cycle.
    • The comprehensive engagement process identifies priorities and potential challenges – from determining key community connection points such as the school, health centre and band office to finalizing construction timelines and deciding how to distribute service to homes and businesses. 
  3. 3. Construct the Broadband Network
    • Once a community is ready to move forward, Pathways to Technology contracts a telecommunications provider to install the technical infrastructure needed to bring high-speed internet connectivity to the community.
    • Solutions are custom fit for each community. This might include attaching new fibre optic cable along to existing poles, constructing a microwave tower, or retrofitting existing cable television infrastructure within the community. 
    • In addition to providing a direct connection to the local band office, health centre and school, the broadband network is distributed to homes and businesses throughout the community by a contractor or local internet service provider.
  4. 4. Activation
    • It’s time to flip the switch and jump online!
    • Affordable and reliable high-speed internet access increases education and training opportunities for residents, improves health care, and powers up local economies.
  5. 5. Capacity Building
    • Pathways to Technology and All Nations Trust Company continue to support newly-connected First Nations with consultation and training services.
    • Available curriculum includes courses and online support tailored to community interests.
    • The vision is to empower each community and every new user to create a better future by taking full advantage of the benefits of high-speed internet.