Friends of Pathways to Technology

The Write to Read  Project

The Write to Read BC Project is a community organization that builds libraries and delivers books to remote First Nations communities in BC. Its efforts focus on bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens in order to break down barriers, build bridges across cultures and re-establish positive relationships. Literacy is the thread that weaves together all other social determinants of health in a community, and Write to Read can provide the place and space to re-imagine and build community capacity one book at a time. Write to Read’s mission was recently expanded to include digital learning through access to online collections and online education services.

Pathways to Technology and Write to Read work together to coordinate broadband internet connections for new community library projects, bringing literacy opportunities to more First Nations, sooner.

To date, W2R has opened 11 libraries throughout the province with 13 additional BC First Nations expressing interest in participating. www.writetoreadbc.com