Advisory Members

Other organizations have contributed immeasurably to Pathways to Technology and continue to make key contributions. They include:


First Nations Education Steering Committee

FNESCSteering Committee Member The First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) was founded in 1992. The organization is focused on advancing quality education for all First Nations learners and is committed to supporting First Nations in their efforts to improve the success of all First Nations students in BC.

FNESC works at the provincial level to provide services in the areas of research, communications, information dissemination, advocacy, program administration, and networking. It also shares current information about available programs,                       government policies, and initiatives and education issues that impact First Nations learners.


First Nations Emergency Services Society

FNESSAdvisory member of the Steering Committee First Nations Emergency Services Society was founded in 1986 as an organization of Indigenous firefighters committed to reducing fire-related deaths on reserves in BC. 

Today FNESS engages with all 203 First Nations in BC, helping them manage a broad spectrum of emergency risks through the application of the four pillars of the emergency management cycle: 1) emergency risk prevention and mitigation, 2) preparedness, 3) response, and 4) recovery.  FNESS offers a range of programs, all with the goal of building in-community capacity.


Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

FNSABCAdvisory member of the Steering Committee First Nations schools in BC began working toward the establishment of a collective support organization many years ago and the First Nations Schools Association (FNSA) was formally established as a non-profit society in 1996.

The FNSA represents and works on behalf of First Nations controlled schools in BC, and almost all of the 131 First Nations schools in BC are members of the Association. The FNSA has the mandate to support those schools in creating effective, nurturing, and linguistically and culturally appropriate education environments that provide students with a positive foundation in all academic areas.