Benefits of Broadband

With each new community that comes online, Pathways to Technology is supporting the future of First Nations businesses, schools, health centres, and band organizations.

Health Care
TelehealthClinical telehealth applications hold tremendous promise for community members who do not enjoy convenient access to health care services. Remote consults and videoconferencing with physicians and specialists, remote x-ray diagnostics, tele-ophthalmology and integrated health management systems are only a few of the applications that are made possible with broadband connectivity.

Education and Skills Development
Learning opportunities from anywhere in the world become a possibility through distance education programs and real-time interactive access to remote instruction (e.g. videoconference teaching).

Cultural Preservation and Revitalization
TrainingInternet connectivity enables many social and cultural initiatives such as documenting language and histories, digitizing museum collections, online research and much more.

Economic Development
Business research, access to economic development programs and access to distant markets are just a few of the benefits that are now within reach.

Land and Resource Management
Benefits include digital mapping, the ability to develop and to share land use files, and access to a host of public and private research databases.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
Communities can monitor water quality online in real-time and develop new green initiatives through centralized energy management.

Band Management
TeleconferenceBroadband connectivity enables efficient management and governance of the Band administration by accessing digital document management and collaboration, online financial and budget management systems, timekeeping and payroll management applications, as well as being able to communicate and collaborate online with community members, partners and other First Nations governments.